Course Description

This course is designed to teach the usual workflow steps for editing photos,  including use Photoshop techniques of photo correction, enhancement and editing. Gain experience in correcting, improving and repairing images. Introduction to actions and batch edits; align and merge; special effects. Understand and establish a workflow for best results using Photoshop techniques.

Course Outcomes

  • You will be introduced to the fundamental Image Editing and Camera principles

  • Learn how to do Size, Resolution, Layers and Mini Bridge and Adjustment Layers

  • Learn how to Adjust individual areas of the photo, shadow and highlight. how to Reduce or add noise or blur

  • discuss in-depth how Get rid of red eye and dark areas around eyes, Remove spots, specs, blemishes and Fix color fringe around objects

  • Creative Photo editing Techniques by Add Shadow Depth of Field, Batch Edits and Automated Actions and Creating a Panorama; Aligning Photos.

  • Gain an understanding of Scaling, Selecting and Refining Edges

  • Discover the Color Management, Cropping and learn about Camera Raw; opening and saving images in Camera Raw

  • provide you with a solid foundation in Correct image distortion, Add depth of field and Sharpening Techniques

  • Practice Black and White Layer Changed to Soft Light, Subject in shadow and Remove or repair unwanted image areas

Course modules

1Review of fundamental Image Editing
2An Introduction to Correcting and Enhancing Photos
3Image Repair and Enhancement
4Fixing Some Common Problems
5Creative Photo editing Techniques
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