Course Description

Enterprise Resource Planning development can be described as an upgrade of systematical connections demanded by numerous companies around the world to manage their day-to-day business operations, such as project management, database, procurement, risk and compliance management, and operations in the supply chain.

The evolution of business processes is discussed in this course as a way of innovation. In the introduction of cross-functional integrated business structures built-up, the types of challenges that the team handles would need to be addressed. The general essence of enterprise computing, re-engineering concepts, and the developments of enterprise information architectures will be discussed by the instructor.

Course Outcomes

  • Differentiate between a method of business and a function of technical development.

  • Learn about the factors that contributed to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems being developed.

  • Identify how technical performance and decision-making are enhanced by a formal supply chain management planning process.

  • Awareness of the resourcing development of technical features are vital to a company’s success.

  • Defining integrated technical information databases and explaining why they are important in today’s globally competitive business supply chain.

  • The benefits of overall planning resource development are understood in depth along technical support and management analysis both

  • Get to know the advantages of accounting and management reporting that come from using an ERP scheme development.

  • Main problems in handling a project to execute resource planning development 

Course modules

1Introduction of ERP Development
2ERP development AND related technologies
3ERP development Implementation Life Cycle
4Structure of ERP Development
5ERP – A Manufacturing Perspective
6Purchasing prospective
7Sale and Distribution Perspective
8Future directions in ERP development