Course Description

Computerized change has ended up a key issue for companies because it disturbs competitive situations, esteem chains, commerce models, and callings. The effect of Huge Information on decision-making forms implies that directors must quickly obtain unused aptitudes and abilities. The capacity to grasp advanced change and put it to work is getting to be ever more imperative. In a fast-changing commercial center characterized by the drive towards Industry 4.0, digital transformation requests another way of working, requiring pioneers that are competent within the ranges of trade, innovation, and development administration.

Course Outcomes

  • Get it how major wilderness advances work, as well as their commerce, financial and social impacts.

  • Analyze trade needs, authoritative forms, and client prerequisites. Develop imaginative vital reactions to abuse advanced

  • Manage people-related issues inside ICT projects.

  • Assess performance and make intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

  • Use basic considering aptitudes to viably and effectively address substantive commerce issues through the sending of ICT solutions.

  • Produce ICT extend usage

  • Align hierarchical key plans and ICT vital

Course modules

1Introduction of digital transformation
2Business environment and model
3IS efficiency in global marketplace
4What is IS project
5Analyse the suitability of IS infrastructure options
6The problem confronting in the context of IS transformation
7communicate an argument in oral and written form
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