Course Description

The Database Administrator Course trains employee to become confident database administrators through intensive hands on experience  and practices current to the field. In today’s market, a DBA is expected to have experience with one or more of the major database management products, and our DBA Course equips students with SQL training (Structured Query Language).

Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to design, implement, maintain and repair of an organization’s database

  • discuss the physical database design process of producing an efficient and tuned database;

  • elaborate on data storage and indexing options, and perform query optimization;

  • use SQL for database creation, manipulation, and control;

  • perform daily database administration tasks;

  • Integrate data from old systems into a new system.

  • Examine and coordinate modifications to the system when needed, and troubleshoot problems when they occur

  • Manage, plan and coordinate security measures with network administrators

Course modules

1Review of course outline, Database concepts & architecture
2Database concepts & architecture
3Database design, Relational model
4Relational model
5Basic knowledge functional dependencies and normal forms
6Functional dependencies and normal forms demo practice
9Relational Algebra
10Relational Calculus, File and Index Structures
11File and Index Structures